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About Us

We supply all types of premium dried logs Worldwide

We source the highest quality firewood to ensure maximum heat output and burn time. Our dried logs have a moisture content of less than 20% and burn with a bright and clean flame. The low moisture content will prevent your wood burner from clouding up with soot and ensures that you can enjoy watching the flames through a screen without having to clean the glass frequently. Our firewood is also suitable for open fires, outdoor recreation (such as bonfires) and is ideal for parties or special occasions
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Types of woods we have

What We Provide

We offer a wide variety of premium quality air and kiln dried firewood that is sustainably sourced and backed by our White Horse Guarantee
Why Choose Us

Trusted Air and Kiln Dried Firewood Providing Company

100% Get Your Wood Easily

We’ll take your order and deliver your wood right to your home. You can also pick the wood up at one of our locations

Better Fire Performance

The dry wood starts easily with a single match and burns efficiently. So, you can enjoy more heat using less wood.

Less Smoke and Creosote

The reduced moisture protects your eyes from stinging smoke and your lungs and chimney from harmful creosote.

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