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Kindling In Mesh Bag / nets .
Kindling serves as the initial fuel source to create a flame and establish a solid base for the fire. It is essential for starting fires, especially in situations where larger logs or firewood may be more difficult to ignite directly. By arranging kindling in a pyramid or teepee shape and lighting it, you can create a small, controlled fire that gradually spreads to larger pieces of firewood. When selecting kindling, it\’s important to choose dry and lightweight materials that ignite easily. Dry twigs, small branches, newspaper, dry leaves, or commercially available fire starters are commonly used as kindling. It\’s recommended to gather or purchase kindling in advance and store it in a dry place to ensure it is ready to use when needed. Specifications Species: Pine, spruce Moisture: up to 14% Length: 13.5 cm Crosscut: 1-4 cm Weight of the bag 2.5-2.7 kg Packed on 1 x 1.20m


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